What is the Cvv2 code ?

CVV2 Code

CVV2 code is new field designed to improve transactions security. The CVV2 three-digit value is printed on the signature panel on the back of Visa and Mastercards. On Visa cards, the code is printed immediately following the Visa card account number. You can find these codes as shown in picture below.  On the back of Mastercards, usually the only numbers listed are the last four digits of the card, followed by the CVV2 code: "0000 xxx" for example.

Many credit cards can still be processed without this code, but some cards do require it to be used for online and phone transactions where the card is not present when charged.  Furthermore, we do receive a lower processing rate when the CVV2 code is entered.  If you cannot find or cannot read the code on the back of your card, simply leave the code blank on your registration form, and chances are we can still process the charge without it (if not we will contact you).  Please note that certain cards do not have the CVV2 printed on them (such as some debit/check cards), and thus you would not need to provide us with the code. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800-308-9004 or email us at institute4coned@yahoo.com

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